About Us

Our Story

Louise Ritchie had dabbled in bread making from her early 20’s but in 2011 her children, herself and husband Mik were all deemed gluten intolerant by a naturopath. After 6 months on a gluten free diet of highly packaged products with convoluted ingredients Louise began to seek alternates. One bread book caught her attention where it stated that the fermentation process of sourdough actually broke down gluten and made it easier to digest. That one sentence, in that one little book was enough to trigger what some may call a passion, others may call an obsession with bread.

In January 2014 Louise was made redundant and with the extra time on her hands, you guessed it, she was baking so much bread she had to give it away to neighbours and friends. Then she began to wonder if people would pay for her bread. And so the business began along with the exponential learning that is required to begin your own business. By March 2014 the first commercial bake of 18 loaves was made, within 2 months 80 loaves were being sold in 2 hours. Louise decided that yes, people would pay for her bread!

Health Benefits

Each batch of bread takes 3 days to create. This slow fermentation process allows all the good bacteria and wild yeasts to develop flavour as well as breakdown the gluten proteins allowing for easier digestion and greater absorption of nutrients from the flour. This bread may be suitable for those that are gluten intolerant.

How to use/store our bread

Silver Creek Sourdough will last uncut on your bench for two days, or once cut, turn cut side down and store on a breadboard. Freeze your sourdough in plastic, take out to defrost overnight ready for the morning toast and lunch sandwiches. Or really impress your friends and pop the defrosted loaf in a 150°C oven for 10 minutes (frozen loaf will take approx. 30 mins in 150°C) and pretend you made it!